LaLa’s Loop


We all have goals, wishes, and dreams.  Some may actually come to fruition, while others may be a fleeting thought or will forever linger on the palate.

Here’s the evolving Loop in my mind, heart, and spirit in no particular order…

  • Publish a piece of writing…started LaLa Palooza Blog on 7/6/15!
  • Read one of my poems at an Open Mic Night
  • Explore an art form (photography?)
  • Sky Dive
  • Surf: Tried in Sayulita, but only on knees
  • Play in a WSOP event (hopefully cash!); not just a Daily Deep Stack
  • Travel, travel, travel: Morocco, Barcelona, Bora Bora, Prague…
  • Visit Nagoya, Japan: mom born there; I’m 1/4 Japanese
  • Visit France:  Paris/Musee due Louvre; Wines!!
  • Visit Australia: Sydney Opera House and the Outback
  • Volunteer for the elderly: often forgotten/cast aside during their last years
  • Teach English in another country: Peace Corps? Orphanage?
  • Learn how to speak Spanish; beyond restaurant lingo.
  • Health and fitness sustained: currently down 88lbs; have 100lb goal.  Build muscle and stamina.
  • Meditation: My mind is always on the go; ability to sit/be present/relax
  • Be more assertive/initiate/calculated risks; check insecurity at the door.
  • Get back into competitive golf: re-establish handicap
  • Masters Golf Tournament
  • Daytona 500
  • Superbowl: Seattle Seahawks!!
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Boxing at MGM Grand

Just a smidgen as of July 13, 2015.  I’ll repost periodically w/additions or updates of achievement.  Can be found permanently on my blog under Pages/LaLa’s Loop.

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