Sunday Reflection Quote, 7/19/15

SMRQ July 19

Sunday morning #reflection#quote…Intentionality was the focus this week, while at the same time chucking fear in the fucket bucket.

Opportunities and experiences have been previously squelched due to being in my own way.
Checking self-doubt and insecurities at the door allowed me to do or say things that I normally wouldn’t. The result is liberating and heart warming. I am beginning to realize I am worthy; worthy of so much more.

I look forward to continuing to get out of my own way regarding #relationships#golf #fitness #writing #poker and #life in general. Good things are ahead and I actually believe it!
#intentional #courage #patience #goals #whynot #getoutofmyownway #stopandsmelltheroses #keeponkeepingon #myownstory #sunday #sundaymorning

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