Boo Hoo

Fallen Tears by Sugargrl14 on DeviantArt

“Boo Hoo” is what I call a vent poem.  When written, I was an Elementary Principal, I had the day from hell: hate emails, complaining teachers, and unreasonable parents.  I was at the end of my rope, so I sat down to write and it all spewed out, just as you see without any revisions.

Listen up-

listen up

you no good mother fuckers

sons of bitches,

bitches bitching

all the way home.

Wake up!

Wake up, I say!

Stop the sniveling-

suck it up

or I just might go

violent on your ass.

l’ll give you

something to cry about!

You want to cry?

Cry about the cancer–

infesting a family times 3…mother, father, and man’s best friend;

multiple homes swept off foundations,

bloated stomach of a malnourished child,

death of a loved one yesterday or long ago;

a druggie’s last hit,

in the clinker for grand theft.

No job for two years

despite five applications a day.

That’s something to cry about!

Stop the petty-

petty grumbles and pointless gossip;

clock that didn’t fall back,

jammed paper,

really? too small a font for your squinty eyes

fire drill bucking your cherished schedule

a whopping 10 minutes

that’s right,

I don’t do basketball at recess.

You no good mother fuckers,

just stop.

~D.Thompson: 11/2012

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