Rolling By 2 WP

Anxiety steals away the night-

becoming a wrestler of

covers, which thrash to and fro.

Dreams are-



Guessing games and outcomes

heighten—a continuous climb

into a purposeless destination;

juxtaposing reality and desire–

knowing that control

lingers in the hands of another.

Momentarily frozen in power;

numbness succumbs to the


Perhaps there is a way out-

questioning options; possibilities;

resurrection of the true self,

stagnation no more!

Trust yourself and be

unrelenting–with a powerful



x-honorating, and

yielding to confidence

zealous throughout.

~D. Thompson: 3/2009; Rev. 7/2015

*This is an “ABC Poem,” in which each letter of the alphabet is used for the first word of each line.  Fun and challenging; yet doesn’t always yield natural results.

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