Sunday Reflection Quote, 8/9/2015

SMRQ Aug 9

Sunday reflection quote…This past week I feel like things are really falling into place. I’m not talking about materialistic nor monetary; rather, of my mind, heart, and spirit.

I’ve been intentionally working on my mindset and how I’m approaching my life as it relates to opportunities, experiences, or relationships.

In essence, this has resulted in two things:
1) Letting go. I hold on so incredibly tight to expectations, assumptions, and performance that I wind up in quasi paralysis for fear of failure or disappointing others. The ability to let go of all that mental shit is liberating; the release of an unbearable weight.

2) Being open. My mind and heart has been somewhat closed and hardened due to insecurities coupled with previous hurts. However, being open to accept positives, attention, and new experiences, even if short lived, is a gift.

I am choosing to take away what makes me smile, laugh, warms my heart, and lingers on the palate of my mind. This is my mindset; my story.

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