Sunday Reflection Quote, 8/23/15

SMRQ August 23

Sunday reflection quote…I was told several years ago “don’t should on yourself.” Isn’t that the truth! Getting hung up on expectations of how things should be is such a kill joy. Wind up being disappointed, hurt, or frustrated.

Over the past week I was told by a few different people I was glowing, had a light, was bubbly, and looked really good. No…I’m not pregnant, engaged, nor in love (although I hope to find love again some day). Lol. Rather, I’m simply in a happy place; it is apparently showing.

I’ve been working really hard the past several months on my overall well being. Simplifying, setting boundaries, cutting out negative shit, letting go/forgiving, accepting what is, working out, and being present in the moment has made a world of difference.

#Sunday #reflection #quote#perspective #mindfulness #happiness #smile #joy #laugh #permission #peace #thankful #fitness #expectations #letgo #myownstory #keeponkeepingon

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