Sunday Reflection Quote, 8/30/2015


Sunday reflection quote (waaay late)…We all have our dark moments to varying degrees and for what is a trigger to one may be quite different for another.  Yet, if one pauses just for a smidgen of a moment, there is a possibility; a seed of joy.
That seed can come from nature like watching the sunset, laughing and being goofy, giving/accepting a kind gesture like a hug, or grooving to a catchy tune.

These little seeds of joy opens the eyes and heart to a variety of possibilities such as one’s career path, relationships, health, or personal goals.

The lens slowly shifts from dark to light. Possibilities are there; choose to see and believe.

#normanvincentpeale #peale #Sunday#reflection #quote #mondaymotivation #perspective #mindfulness #possibilitarian #possibility #permission #seed #joy #expectations #myownstory #keeponkeepingon

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