Sunday Reflection Quote, 9/27/15


Sunday reflection quote…Although I’m proud with my progress regarding my career change, health/weight loss, golf, and poker (though not lately) I’m not quite where I want nor can be.  Sometimes I think I’m a saboteur either fearful of success or thinking I’m not worthy. This is such wacko-bazingo bullshit thinking!!

It’s time to ratchet it up a notch and get out of my own way with self-discipline:
1) Hit the gym BEFORE work, no matter how much I hate getting my ass out of bed. It’ll energize me for the day, ramp up my metabolism for my last few pounds, and free up time for golf in the evening.
2) My short game sucks and always has. Practice short game BEFORE the range. Get out and play more. Being a “range pro” doesn’t yield results.
3) Only play poker when I’m present and focused. Study raise/shove charts and quit playing like a chicken shit girl.

Game on for realz yo!

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Sunday Reflection Quote, 9/20/15


Sunday reflection quote…one of my favorite quotes providing inspiration and hope.
This past week I’ve hade some conversations and experiences I know will sit with me for many years to come. I’m reminded I’m the one determining my journey. I can choose to be stagnant or dynamic. I can choose to teeter on the precipice and remain in a perpetual quandary, or take the leap to see what may unfold.  I must continue to get out of my own way; who knows what doors will open. Taking the leap, even a small one, is worth it.  I’m becoming more open and confident; excited to expand what has always been me, but didn’t necessarily see. I remain hopeful and thankful. My days are bright and I know my future will be even brighter.

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He lives life like an arrow-
seeking the target with precision and speed,
visualizing the path and accuracy of flight-
a sense of accomplishment sensed at the moment of release.

Once the target is hit-
immediate dissatisfaction sets in,
waves of reservation flow in like the tide;
a blanket of lead pinning him down.

How will he break free?
twist, turn, and push out-
remnants of existence linger on the surface,
leaving a puncture wound for all to see.

Occasionally, a small piece breaks off-
left in the wound,
evidence of the hunt and pain ensued.

Once broken, he is forever weakened-
no amount of patching or sharpening
will bring back the original form.

Year after year there is gradual transformation-
one that is unbalanced:
one side sharpened,
while the other remains dulled.

All the while knowing-
a target will always be out there,
calling his name,
but one that cannot be attained.

He lives life like an arrow-
looking for the next target;
seeking a new adventure,
but rarely satisfied with what he has achieved.


Sunday Reflection Quote, 9/13/15


Sunday reflection quote…The past several months I’ve intentionally made decisions to reset my life towards simplicity, gratitude, health, and joy.

For me, existing in a pressure cooker mindset to please everyone, solve a full range of problems, and constantly racing to climb the implied social ladder proved unhealthy and exhausting. I left the essence of who I was in the dust.

Instead, scaling back on my career, establishing family/social boundaries, saying no thanks/not now, and prioritizing time to simply enjoy what I enjoy and want to experience has proved fruitful.

My parents visited this weekend, of which I haven’t seen since April. They saw my apartment and classroom for the first time (quite the contrast from previous). However, they said I was the happiest they’ve seen me in a long, long time. They couldn’t believe how much weight I’ve lost nor how my body has changed. They said I was glowing, smiling, and light. They said I seem to be doing great.

Indeed, I am abundant.

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Positive, Negative

positive negative

Life pulls and tugs-
direction constantly changing.
Opposites are to attract-
creating harmony, balance.

Oddly, sometimes-
positive attracts positive,
negative clings to negative.

One’s desire for simplicity or peace-
can it be attained?
is there such an existence?

Perhaps the world goes around-
due to imbalance;

Perhaps we are actually neutral-
waiting for some direction,
any influence to show us the way.

Is it the push pull factor-
positive and negative,
leading to the desired path?

Those passed by are left-
in a purgatory of neutrality,
seeking a force,
occupying a space,
waiting for a match.

Matched with what?
a positive,
a negative,
or an eternity-
of stagnated neutrality?


Sunday Reflection Quote, 9/7/15


Sunday reflection quote (Monday that feels like a Sunday lol)…

I’m continuing to work on getting out of my own way. Sometimes I’m more successful at it than others.  Putting self doubt and fear on the shelf is a lot easier said than done. Awareness and acceptance of what is, as I am, sure helps.  I remain hopeful and thankful.

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