Sunday Reflection Quote, 9/13/15


Sunday reflection quote…The past several months I’ve intentionally made decisions to reset my life towards simplicity, gratitude, health, and joy.

For me, existing in a pressure cooker mindset to please everyone, solve a full range of problems, and constantly racing to climb the implied social ladder proved unhealthy and exhausting. I left the essence of who I was in the dust.

Instead, scaling back on my career, establishing family/social boundaries, saying no thanks/not now, and prioritizing time to simply enjoy what I enjoy and want to experience has proved fruitful.

My parents visited this weekend, of which I haven’t seen since April. They saw my apartment and classroom for the first time (quite the contrast from previous). However, they said I was the happiest they’ve seen me in a long, long time. They couldn’t believe how much weight I’ve lost nor how my body has changed. They said I was glowing, smiling, and light. They said I seem to be doing great.

Indeed, I am abundant.

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