He lives life like an arrow-
seeking the target with precision and speed,
visualizing the path and accuracy of flight-
a sense of accomplishment sensed at the moment of release.

Once the target is hit-
immediate dissatisfaction sets in,
waves of reservation flow in like the tide;
a blanket of lead pinning him down.

How will he break free?
twist, turn, and push out-
remnants of existence linger on the surface,
leaving a puncture wound for all to see.

Occasionally, a small piece breaks off-
left in the wound,
evidence of the hunt and pain ensued.

Once broken, he is forever weakened-
no amount of patching or sharpening
will bring back the original form.

Year after year there is gradual transformation-
one that is unbalanced:
one side sharpened,
while the other remains dulled.

All the while knowing-
a target will always be out there,
calling his name,
but one that cannot be attained.

He lives life like an arrow-
looking for the next target;
seeking a new adventure,
but rarely satisfied with what he has achieved.


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