Sunday Reflection Quote, 9/27/15


Sunday reflection quote…Although I’m proud with my progress regarding my career change, health/weight loss, golf, and poker (though not lately) I’m not quite where I want nor can be.  Sometimes I think I’m a saboteur either fearful of success or thinking I’m not worthy. This is such wacko-bazingo bullshit thinking!!

It’s time to ratchet it up a notch and get out of my own way with self-discipline:
1) Hit the gym BEFORE work, no matter how much I hate getting my ass out of bed. It’ll energize me for the day, ramp up my metabolism for my last few pounds, and free up time for golf in the evening.
2) My short game sucks and always has. Practice short game BEFORE the range. Get out and play more. Being a “range pro” doesn’t yield results.
3) Only play poker when I’m present and focused. Study raise/shove charts and quit playing like a chicken shit girl.

Game on for realz yo!

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