Sunday Quote, 04/03/16

nobody-can-bring-you-peace-but-yourself-quote-1 (1)

  • Sunday Reflection Quote (yes, on a Monday)…I sense I’ve turned a big corner the last couple weeks where I’m at sincere peace–within myself.
    I’m FINALLY feeling more comfortable being alone, especially at home. It’s been a super long stretch of avoiding by filling days with this and that and then some.
    Although I’ve dabbled, I haven’t had the sustained courage to just “sit with it.” Sit with anxiety, hurt, loneliness, fear, and grief. Sit with accepting what is as it is. Sit with giving myself permission to take the time, no matter how long it may be. Sit with knowing this is my story and ultimately it is up to me to create my own peace.
    #Sunday #reflection #quote#ralphwaldoemerson #peace #breathe#mindfulness #acceptwhatisasitis#avoidavoiding #myownstory#keeponkeepingon #thankful #hopeful

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