Sunday Quote, 06/19/16


Sunday Reflection Quote…Old habits sure die hard. For me I tend to fall into the paralysis by analysis trap. I’m on the precipice, teetering and ready to step; then freeze. That inner critic creeps in…conditions aren’t right, you don’t have what it takes, what if…etc. Such a bunch of mental bullshit!! Even if I’m not prepared, even if I think I’ll fall flat on my face, the result is often waaaay more positive than assumed. Notice, assumed. Why? The wings are already there, even if I don’t see them. Even if I have a bazillion nuggets of doubt, I simply must jump. Jump anyway, dammit!

#Sunday #reflection #quote#raybradbury #jump #wings#confidence #initiate #whynot#myownstory #keeponkeepingon

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