Sunday Quote, 7/31/16

Sunday Reflection Quote…”Good” lives on a continuum and slides to the preference of the beholder. For me, I’ve been intentional about my “practice” related to many areas…golf, poker, communication, patience, gratitude, acceptance, and forgiveness. Whether physical, mental, or emotional I can see the “good” i.e. improvement in my progress. The act of choosing to “practice” certainly propels along the continuum of “good.” Not there yet, but a hell of a lot closer!

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Sunday Quote, 7/24/16

Sunday Reflection Quote (yes on Monday)…I went back “home” last week to visit my parents. The thread revealed across the week was nostalgia. I’m incredibly grateful for my “start” in Olympia…my parents, family, education, golf, and experiences. The foundation for who I am today.  At the same time and honestly for the first time in 13yrs, flying back to CA I truly felt like I was going home. On a variety of levels, it’s been a different type of start here and as of late a huge restart. For once I know right here right now, I am home.

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Ode to Saku Mori

LaLa Palooza

By LaLaPalooza By LaLaPalooza

I’ve always carried my grandparents close to my heart, especially grandma aka Mamasan.  She was funny, gracious, and determined.  There was a conversation at the poker table last night about me not backing down in a hand and my quick wit.  I naturally said outloud, “I get that from my grandma.”

On the drive home today, my eyes were frequently drawn to the clouds.  I truly felt grandma’s presence as I captured the image above.  While writing the poem, I confirmed her date of death.  I was shocked to see it was July 16, 1999. Grandma is in me and with me, always…

Saku not Sake

The long aisle


family to one,

chanters to other.

Incense burns-

yellow roses,

Grandpa’s favorite,

draped across

her casket.

The chanting-

ebbs and flows

loud; soft

quick; slow.

Words I don’t understand-

but know,


are beautiful; peaceful.

A favorite song-

“We all live

in a…

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The Simple Things

Tomorrow I’m taking a trip and going to a pool I frequented as a child with days filled of handstands. It’s summer…memories old and new, water, laughter, and smiles.

LaLa Palooza

Life speeds by and before we know it, we’re looking back more often than looking ahead. Somehow, I feel like these thoughts should be happening thirty years from now, rather than at the age of thirty-three*. I wonder why at the moment does it seem insignificant, but looking back it is exactly what I long for? Why is there a desire to capture the simple things, but a hesitation to establish or recognize new ones? Perhaps that is the beauty in it all, random events versus forced. The lack of simplicity coupled with escalating complexity has created a silent discontent within my own life. Finding the brake to slow this ride eludes me. Occasionally, there is a lull, but the momentum quickly builds, leaving me scrambling once again seeking the eventual stop I know is out there.

As a child, everyday normal to even boring events seemed to be a…

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Sunday Quote, 07/10/16


Sunday Reflection Quote…This week has been very rich with connections, thought provoking conversations, and reflective insights. I continue to learn self perspective can either be weakening or empowering. Thus, I’m aware I need to continue to rewrite the tape playing in my head. Don’t like the track? Change it!

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