Sunday Quote, 10/9/16

Sunday Reflection Quote…I’ve heard myself say this quote a couple times the past week regarding how I interact with my students, compadres at the poker table, and others. Although they may not show it, eyes are on and ears are open. I’m mindful to give kindness, respect, or consideration. The majority of the time I get the same in return. When it isn’t, I zip it and steer clear; not worth the energy investing in negativity. 

At the same time, if I’m feeling unsettled or disappointed with an outcome, it’s because I didn’t give my full effort. I cannot be downtrodden, if I didn’t even try. Indeed, you get what you give. 

#sunday #reflection #quote #get #give #kindness #respect #consideration #mindset #purpose #myownstory #keeponkeepingon #chinupbuttercup

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