Sunday Quote, 8/12/19

Sunday Reflection Quote (Yes, on Monday)…I closed out the last week of summer break with 54 holes of competition and commenced 22 years in education today. For me, it is essential to have goals and challenge myself with stretch experiences. At the same time, expectations (too much too soon) without laying down the groundwork can lead to disappointment. I’m reminded life is sweetened by risk, but responsive mindset is key. Zooming too far can magnify blind spots resulting in tunnel vision. Here’s to maintaining a positive attitude when facing challenges and keeping my eye on the prize.

#sunday #reflection #quote #personalgrowth #stretchexperience #takeachance #putyourselfoutthere #chinupbuttercup #beginagainandagajn #attitudeofgratitude #perspective #mindset #myownstory #keeponkeepingon

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