Sunday Quote, 4/26/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote…We’re in the muck and it’s a polarizing hot, hot mess. Fear has been promoted to gatekeeper. Empowered with gusto to keep the in in and the out out. At the onset, some were treading water. Now, pulled beneath the surface clawing and scratching to get back up. Others effortlessly skipping across the surface. Now, stopped in tracks scrambling to determine the next move. We all have our challenges, shortcomings, and triggers. We all have our goals, hopes, and dreams. We all have a unique journey. We all are human. I’m reminded my country is founded on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I’m reminded to rebuke the path of passivity and victim mentality. Here’s to repeatedly resetting to maintain my path of health, wellness, and happiness. I decide!
sunday #reflection #quote #sartre #existentialism #freedom #liberty #life #happiness #America #UnitedStates #declarationofindependence #perspective #priorities #mindset #decisions #health #wellness #happiness #myownstory #keeponkeepingon

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