Sunday Quote, 5/25/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote (Yes, on a Monday)…Uncertainty has always been there, lurking in the dark corners of the future. Now it’s in the spotlight, magnified front and center, for every eye to inspect. Held in the balance, life and how to live it. Does one freeze and not budge? Does one dip a toe, testing the waters? Does one take the plunge and immerse themselves? I’m reminded I have the power to choose my own path. Here’s to putting uncertainty on the shelf, giving it a nod of acknowledgement, and continuing to live my life. No justification needed.

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Sunday Quote, 5/18/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote (Yes, on a Monday almost Tuesday; what day is it anyway?)…The last few weeks have been a challenge for a variety of reasons cuz life, human, and unanticipated triggers. I’m reminded holding it all in and shoving it deep down inside doesn’t work. It isn’t reasonable. It isn’t healthy. It isn’t sustainable. I’m immensely grateful for the unwavering support and unconditional love from my man, Memphis. He gets it and gets me; nudging me to get it out and reset. There’s no shame in being emotional or vulnerable. I’m realizing I’m stronger for it. Here’s to knowing where I’m headed and refocusing!
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Just Bag It

LaLa Palooza

Paper or plastic?  After developing my grocery list for the week, scanning ads for best prices, clipping coupons, and strolling down multiple aisles of the store, really, I don’t care.  Just bag my damn groceries!

Why is it that I must deal with this environmental question while standing in the checkout line?  My days are filled with endless decisions.  The last thing I need when I’m exhausted and eager to get home is a question of controversy and at the market no less.  Not long ago shopping meant one choice and one choice only—paper.  Nice, sturdy bags that held their shape and could endure use after use.  In fact, some stores offered a five-cent credit for each bag you brought to reuse, which the budget minded appreciated.

Then, the little white plastic bag was invented from the environmentally conscious heart.  Along with plastic bags came metal stands to hang them…

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Because of My Mom

Because of my mom, 
I am of-
Thread a needle
Sew a button
Iron the collar
Homemade clothes
Patched knees.

Because of my mom,
I am of-
Coloring books
Paint by number
Latch hook
Bracelet beading.

Because of my mom,
I am of-
Coupon clipping 
Balance the checkbook
“To the penny”
Pay the bills

Because of my mom,
I am of-
No More Tears 
Lip Smackers
Wash your face 
“Don’t forget your neck.”

Because of my mom,
I am of-
The Little Red Caboose
“I think I can, I think I can” 
Marvin K. Mooney
Highlights Magazine
Scholastic Book Orders.

Because of my mom,
I am of...
Luck vs. Skill
“Don’t need to cheat mother”

Because of my mom, 
I am of-
Fruit leather and freezer jam
Flour the baking pan
Lick the bowl
Chuka with fish cake
Sukiyaki and Senbei.

Because of my mom, 
I am of-
Sack lunch
Chocolate milk Fridays
Parking lot picnics
“Eat your vegetables”
Pancake Sundays.

Because of my mom, 
I am of-
“That’s not a weed”
Repot a plant 
“Don’t over water”
Fresh cut flowers.

Because of my mom,
I am of-
Goofy faces
Tongue out
Silly giggles
Nose bops
Worried brow.

Because of my mom,
I am of-
Make a list
Take a picture
“What’s the plan?”
Bionic hip
Second first steps
“You can do it.”

Because of my mom,
I am of-
Quiet strength
Love in action
An unwavering tree.

~Daniela Thompson, 5/10/2020