Sunday Quote, 6/14/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote…Since March 13th, the word “flexibility” has been stamped in bold, block letters across my forehead. Whether personal or professional, the changes have rapidly rolled across my path at an hourly, daily, or weekly rate. My anxious belly and early morning overthinking ceiling staring brain have become front runners. There’s an uninvited new normal. I am tired, overwhelmed, and disheartened. Nonetheless, this week I was reminded goals are essential. Even in the midst of turmoil and heartache, my personal path is of value. I don’t have to explain away. I don’t have to back up the back up. I can just be. I can grind and do my thing. It is good enough. Why? Because I am stubborn, yet flexible. Because I carry with me my family legacy of “Don’t tell me, I’m the teller.” There is balance in loose and tight. There is value in go slow to go fast. Here’s to my personal and professional goals. Here’s to my predefined methods; they are good enough. As am I.
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