Sunday Quote, 10/05/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote (Yes, on Monday)…The last few weeks have been magnified doozies. No doubt the next few on deck will be as well. There are stressors, uncertainties, and a mountain of tasks to check off the list. There’s also successes, hope, and happiness. I’m reminded how I choose to respond and carry things are entirely up to me. I can cave to the pulls and jump on the negativity bandwagon. But that’s not my heart and doing so adds zero value to my wellbeing. Or, I can carve out my joy by establishing boundaries, taking space, and grinding it out. I waver at times, but I do my best to hold strong and choose the latter. It is hard work. It can be exhausting. It can be defeating. It can be lonely at times. It can be rewarding. It can be fulfilling. It can be inspiring. Here’s to acknowledging such is life; I am entirely up to me.

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