Sunday Quote, 02/22/2021

Sunday Reflection Quote (Yes, on a Monday)…Life’s journey is certainly unpredictable with all the ups and downs, twists and turns. Interestingly, the words warrior and fighter have been sprinkled across recent readings, movies, and conversations. At the same time, adjectives such as intimidating, confident, focused, stubborn, and determined have graced my ears. This has been couched in my past decisions and recent achievements. In reality, I would contend it is the patience I’ve had with myself to continually work hard, fail, learn, and grow. In reality, it’s the gift of time—weeks, months, and years shaping who I am today. The intentionality to be patient and give myself time to create a space to reset, to be happy, and to love has been the most powerful. I’m reminded to keep my chin up and to keep my eye on the prize. Here’s to savoring the sweetness of affirmation!

#sunday #reflection #quote #leotolstoy #warrior #patience #time #priorities #perspective #reset #goals #growth #reputation #teacheroftheyear #toty #savor #proud #chinupbuttercup #affirmation #redemption #learn #lead #myownstory #keeponkeepingon

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