Sunday Quote, 04/11/2021

Sunday Reflection Quote…No matter the capacity, hard work is simply that—hard. If one is working on their career, personal goals, or self improvement on a physical/mental/emotional level, the grind can get stale. There’s the rub. If the mindset is “grind,” then the connotation may lead to a static path of negativity. If the mindset is to “strive,” then the path is dynamic and positive. Due to the pandemic, as a collective, we’ve passed the one year mark of working hard through challenge after challenge after challenge. Fatigue or impatience with oneself or others may be more pronounced. Nonetheless, now is the time to push through and persevere on a micro and macro level. I’m reminded I am a hard worker; hard wired to strive. Those efforts have been fruitful. I’m also reminded I have one life and I have the power to choose how I live it. Here’s to being kind to myself and pushing on with perseverance and striving!

#sunday #relfection #quote #newtgingrich #hardwork #perseverance #goals #mindset #dynamic #strive #improve #stretch #priorities #onelife #perpective #chinup #eyesbright #myownstory #keeponkeepingon

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