Sunday Quote, 05/31/2021

Sunday Reflection Quote (Yes, on Monday)…We all have our own personal standard for what is a “good job,” which is contrasted with the norms of one’s profession and society. Six years ago I got schooled by life’s sweeping wand of hard knocks. The big lesson learned is work isn’t everything. Shocker! I learned I must take care of myself, so that I can care for others. I learned I can’t be everything for everyone. I learned I can say no, that’s not for me, not now or not ever. I learned I can say yes and pursue my passions. I learned balance fosters focus and wellness. I learned my job isn’t the only factor defining my happiness. I’m reminded life is short and choices are key. I’m reminded it is okay to be a strong woman shaping my joy and contentment to share with others. Here’s to working hard and doing a good job!
sunday #reflection #quote #katiethurmes #goodjob #workhard #balance #priorities #happiness #contentment #joy #passion #goals #golfgoals #focus #priorities #boundaries #teacherlife #health #welkness #myownstory #keeponkeepingon

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