Sunday Quote, 06/12/2021

Sunday Reflection Quote (Yes, on Tuesday cuz reasons). This is a long one, for me. For me to remember, learn, and grow…

Back in April I registered for the Inaugural Sacramento Valley Women’s Championship as a competitive goal to kick off summer break. I didn’t realize the tournament had an index cap of 9.4, nor did I realize it was a tourney drawing the top women amateurs in the region. I just wanted a golf tournament on my calendar lol.

At the time of registration, my index was a 10.5, so I reached out to the tournament director to share my mistake and to see if I could get a refund. He had the BEST response…Why don’t we wait until June 1st to see if you can get it down in two months? If not, full refund no problem. That lit a fire in me. I worked really hard practicing and playing more difficult courses/tees to see if I could do it. I was able to grind my index down to a 9.0. I had the green light!

Last Wednesday, I played my practice round at Haggin and had a quick wake up call regarding the difficulty of an incredibly long course (combo tips/blue/white) coupled with impeccable lightning fast greens. Due to the length, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get on in regulation (already an area to improve), so I adjusted my game plan with a goal to at least break 90 each day.

Day 1: Last group to tee off at 1:30 and toasty hot. Massive butterflies and deep breaths. Solid drive down the first fairway, solid shots in and lip out par putt=bogey. I was off to a good start until hole 4 when my second shot was a baby fade and barely trickled into the water. Drop=water. Drop and club up=water. Drop and lay up left=safe. Penciled a blasted 10 on a par 5. I was 8 over in the first 4 holes=toast. Reset and bogey hole 6 yada yada 51 on the front. On in reg hole 10 and had a 5 putt; yes five. Triple=absolute nightmare. Reset. Next hole=par. Bogey-Bogey-Par-Triple-Triple-Bogey. Closed the back with a 49 and 100. Shot a century and dead LAST in a field of 50 players. Disbelief, disappointment, shame, and lots of tears on the drive home.

Day 2: New day and new-ish mindset. First group off at 7am, so dew sweepers=course even longer. Good drive 1st hole and bogey. Hole 3…par 3 tee shot draw and had a down hill fried egg in the bunker. Blasted it out, but over the green and into the bushes. Had to take an unplayable with horrible options for a drop and no back swing. Punch, chip, and 3 putt. An 8 on a par 3; now 8 over in first 3 holes=burnt toast. Headed to hole 4, the one I had a 10 on the day before. Good grief. Reset and hit the sh*t out of my drive and parred that sucker!! 💪 Bogey-Bogey-Bogey-Triple (hazard)-Double for a 52. Even worse than the day before with a 101. Dead last spot secured. Seriously? I mean seriously. The tears couldn’t wait and tumbled out on the way to the car.

It’s taking me a bit to work through the waves of emotions—disappointment, defeat, disbelief, shame, and failure. I’m turning the corner realizing my hard work to be able to compete in such a competitive field was a triumph. To reset after insane blow up holes and persevere was a success. To put myself in the arena and have stretch goals is not failure. This experience will make me a better golfer and an even better coach. I know what I need to work on. Never give up, never surrender!

Thank you Memphis for supporting my goals and understanding the late nights practicing/playing to prepare. You being there when I was on the first tee Day 1 and when I came in on 18 on Day 2 meant the world to me. Thank you for the hugs, love, words, whiskey clinks, and Solley nachos. You’re wonderful! ❤️😘

I tried ⛳️💪

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