Who’s LaLa?

Wine Tasting in Lodi; Wind Blown Look

I’ve always been a writer, but rarely share. My friends said I should blog or submit for publication. Here goes…

My writing is based on observations or personal experiences and typically expressed as creative nonfiction, poetry, lists, or quick quips.  I’ll be sharing old peppered with new.

I’m an educator, but also human. This means I actually have a life outside the classroom where I play golf competitively, dabble in poker, appreciate adult beverages, and admire eye candy such as art, architecture, beauty, and creativity.

I am of…the Pacific Northwest, an only child (NOT spoiled), left-handed, tomboy at heart, daddy’s girl, golf, education, expectations, pressure, leadership, city, travel, music at a high decibel, driving fast, and an Aquarius (whatever that means).

“LaLa” is my childhood nickname.
“Yo Teach” was a greeting I received on the first day of summer school from an 8th grade boy as he entered English class.
“Teach1” is something I believe everyone can do on some level.
“Yo” is a saying I add (often “True Dat Yo!”) as it strongly contradicts my formal, conservative upbringing. A quiet rebellion.

Over the past several years I have been recovering from a personal crisis due to a chain of unexpected events. Depression and despair brought me to my knees and broke me. I count my blessings for MM, JC, and RP, dear dear friends who came to my side with unconditional support.  They smothered me with care, hit me between the eyes with the truth when I didn’t want to hear it, and also gave me the space and time to figure things out.  I will forever be grateful; the truest of friends walking with me each step of the way.

I’ve been working incredibly hard to regroup, rebuild, reset, and renew.  “LaLa Palooza” is the culmination of my past coupled with the commencement of a new journey; a journey revealing the true me. I’m intentionally shaping a positive shift and remain hopeful for my future, wherever the path may lead.

I hope you get a sprinkle of inspiration and enjoy the reads…

~Daniela Thompson

#keeponkeepingon #myownstory #reset #letgo #getoutofyourownway

All content and opinions are my own and may not be used without permission.  All rights reserved yo!

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