Sunday Quote, 8/25/19

Sunday Reflection Quote…There’s a smidgen of goals here and a sprinkle over there. I’m reminded to be patient. I don’t have a magic wand; some things take time. I’m also reminded to rebuke comparisons and to stop wasting energy watering the rocks. Here’s to staying in my lane, resetting as needed, and pushing myself.

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Sunday Quote, 8/26/18

Sunday Reflection Quote…There’s a smidgen of goals here and a sprinkle over there. I’m reminded to be patient. I don’t have a magic wand; some things take time. I’m also reminded to rebuke comparisons and to stop wasting energy watering the rocks. Here’s to staying in my lane, resetting as needed, and pushing myself.

#sunday #reflection #quote #pushyourself #determination #focus #goals #babysteps #patience #enjoythejourney #stayinyourlane #health #wellness #happiness #simplicity #rebukenegativity #stepupbuttercup #education #leadership #myownstory #keeponkeepingon

Sunday Quote, 8/12/19

Sunday Reflection Quote (Yes, on Monday)…I closed out the last week of summer break with 54 holes of competition and commenced 22 years in education today. For me, it is essential to have goals and challenge myself with stretch experiences. At the same time, expectations (too much too soon) without laying down the groundwork can lead to disappointment. I’m reminded life is sweetened by risk, but responsive mindset is key. Zooming too far can magnify blind spots resulting in tunnel vision. Here’s to maintaining a positive attitude when facing challenges and keeping my eye on the prize.

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Sunday Quote, 8/4/19

Sunday Reflection Quote…Success perches on a continuum. For some it means getting out of bed, keeping an addiction at bay, or putting food on the table. For others it is a big job title, the bottom line, or square footage. For me, success is simply health and happiness peppered with fond memories and stretch experiences. I’m more successful now than I’ve been in years. Maintaining balance and boundaries has been key. I no longer feel compelled to give the over used 110%. For who? For what? Some days 75-100% is simply good enough! Here’s to celebrating the small efforts; efforts consistently repeated yielding the juiciest fruit.

#sunday #reflection #quote #success #effort #consistency #health #happiness #wellness #balance #boundaries #priorities #onelife #IAmTheTeller #intentional #goals #fruitsofmylabor #forgettherest #goodenough #myownstory #keeponkeepingon

Sunday Quote, 7/28/19

Sunday Reflection Quote…Coming off a week of connections, memories, and experiences I’m reminded simplicity is key. After playing a golf course surrounded by million dollar homes or spending the weekend at a casino resort, it is easy to get caught up in materialism and comparisons. I’m reminded what’s projected on the outside doesn’t necessarily mirror what’s on the inside. For me, a foundation of simplicity is a great stabilizer. Here’s to creating my own contentment by choosing to pepper life with quality experiences and maintaining a focus of simplicity.

#sunday #reflection #quote #henrywadsworthlongfellow #simplicity #home #happiness #contentment #love #mindfulness #connections #synchronicity #attitudeofgratitude #priorities #simplify #enjoythejourney #noteverythingisacompetition #goodenough #myownstory #keeponkeepingon

Sunday Quote, 7/7/19

Sunday Reflection Quote…This week’s reflection is short and sweet. Whether physical, mental, emotional I’m reminded to get out of my own way. Life is short. Be grateful and enjoy the journey!! #Sunday #Reflection #quote #getoutoftheway #reset #competition #perspective #goodenough #acceptance #patience #prioritize #mindfulness #grateful #babysteps #wisemind #goals #myownstory #keeponkeepingon

Sunday Quote, 6/30/19

Sunday Reflection Quote…Although I’ve improved quite a bit the last few years, I still have a propensity to be very hard on myself. This is good in that there’s motivation punctuated with focus and determination. However, there’s also immense internal pressure and self-doubt. I’m reminded who I am and what I’ve accomplished is simply good enough. Here’s to continuing to taking care of myself, so that I can enjoy my journey.

#sunday #reflection #quote #ET #alien #awareness #perspective #pressure #mindfullness #wisemind #goodenough #expectations #selfcare #growth #health #wellness #journey #grateful #myownstory #keeponkeepingon

Sunday Quote, 6/23/19

Sunday Reflection Quote…The last couple weeks has comprised of competition, intentional planning, goal setting, and nuanced communication. I’m reminded to step up to share my strengths. At the same time, to not be so hard on myself. It’s easy to fall prey to mental tugs; tugs that yield weeds. Here’s to keeping my eye on the blooms.

#sunday #reflection #quote #bloom #grow #mindset #determination #doyourthing #dontwatertherocks #bloom #focus #intentional #stepup #leadership #confidence #competition #priorities #myownstory #keeponkeepingon

Quotes from the Felt…

Felt Quotes 2 WPPoker can have some interesting or juicy comments, especially in cash games.  Here’s a list of lines said either directly to me or overheard while playing poker…

  • He quit the CIA to become a singer, but I don’t know why.
  • I have two ex-wives and my girlfriend is a psychopath.
  • Well, it’s not that fancy shit that’ll give hangovers. (Bud Light vs. Micro)
  • You’re the prettiest girl I’ve seen (long pause), in the last 3 minutes. (really? ouch!)
  • Like sheep ready for slaughter. (standing in line to register for tourney)
  • He went and find it. (cell phone left at another table; why a player was gone from seat)
  • Where’s the house doctor? My ear hurts. (older gent complaining about a woman who wouldn’t shut up)
  • When I feel horny I get hot. (Lady about 70-ish to three 20-somethings playing at same table).
  • You three give me damage!  I want bruises! (same old lady; her VERY direct pick-up line)
  • He’s Elvis
  • Are you feeling lucky punk?
  • Look up and say “wow” (I did) and guy said “thank you, I needed that.”
  • Waitress: Can I get you anything? Player: Can I get a 6ft blonde? Waitress: You can, how much do you have?
  • Player to the dealer: What are you doing rushing the players off? Your job is to deal, don’t worry about the players!! Dealer to the other player: Sir, did you want a hand?
  • Nobody’s listening and nobody cares.  How many times have you been told?  Yet you still keep on anyway.
  • Lettuce foul.
  • That’s one too many elephant jokes.  You’re cut off.
  • Player: I marry her right now! (to dealer; river=winning hand); TD: In America, you need consent.
  • I forgot what beer I’m having.  Oh yeah, Sierra Nevada.  That’s one of the best beers in the world right there!
  • Yep, yep.  I knew you were milking me.  Have you ever been milked before?
  • I ordered and extra large salami
  • I’m a grower not a shower
  • What’s the difference between a poker dealer and a toilet?  A toilet only sees one asshole.
  • Just the two of us in?  No, there’s me too.  I know, but you don’t count.
  • Naked and Afraid…I get tired of see the dong swing.

This list is as of August 14, 2016.  I’ll update periodically and repost.

Looking Back…Football


Gasping for air in a silent panic, I look upward scared for my life.  Players huddle all around, murmuring words I can’t discern.  After what seems like an eternity, I am gently ushered off the field by Coach Burns.  I realize the air was knocked out of me from an opponent’s forearm to my throat, slamming me to the ground.  From the stands, I see my father’s steady blue eyes, coupled with worry and encouragement.  His look is all the assurance I need to keep going and shake it off.

I have no idea what in the world I was thinking when I joined the boys seventh grade tackle football team at Nisqually Middle.  Somehow my experience playing co-ed intramural flag football in fifth and sixth grade led me down the adolescent path of no return.  I was the only girl on the team creating a big “to do” for all involved.  Dad, in his supportive way, said, “You can do anything you set your mind to.  If you want to play football, have at it!”  Mom, on the other hand, wondered why I wanted to play, was shocked dad was giving the okay, and quietly resisted.  The school administrators, Mr. Bykerk and Mrs. Hendrickson, held a special meeting with my parents “to discuss my safety.”  I was mortified when they brought up an even more personal topic, “how I was going to protect my chest?”  They assumed it was an equal rights issue.  That wasn’t my agenda at all!  I just enjoyed the sport, thought I had some skills, and simply wanted to play ball.  How was I to know the decision would create turmoil on many levels?

Someone, I don’t recall who, came up with the plan that I could be the kicker.  I’d be part of the team, but avoid any real contact.  Mom liked the idea, since this seemed like the only way for me to avoid getting hurt.  That weekend dad and I went to the field at Timberline HIgh to practice punting and placekicking.  I couldn’t figure out how to kick the ball at the correct trajectory nor any reasonable distance.  Dad would say, “You give 100%, so will I.  You give 5%, so will I.”  The implication being I wasn’t trying very hard.  In reality, I couldn’t kick the football to save my life!

Practice and tryouts started the following week.  I remember the endless drills of wind sprints, jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, drop downs, and the like.  What was I doing?!  I thought I was going to die.  Immediately, I desperately wanted to quit.  Dad said, “You started it, you finish it.”  Dammit, I knew there was no way out.  It was as if my decision set in motion a row of dominos, one bumping into the next; unable to be stopped, out of control.  I’d have to suck it up and stick it out, no matter what was in store.

Towards the end of the week final tryouts and cuts were made.  Due to my lack of kicking skills, it was obvious the “safe” position of kicker wasn’t going to be mine.  If I were a boy, I probably would’ve been cut.  Basically, the coach had to keep me, which at the time, I was completely unaware of.

Since I was just as tall and big as the boys, I wound up being assigned the position of offensive right tackle.  Granted, I had no clue what that meant or what I was supposed to do.  Here I was, an ignorant, passive spectator now required to be an active participant.  Really, I was oblivious!  I had no idea what the function of the positions were, nor how to execute plays.  I distinctly remember Sauceda, the running back, yelling, “Make a hole and get out of the way!!”  I finally got the message when he literally ran over the top of me, his cleats digging into the back of my calves leaving a trail of square indentations.

I was officially part of the team, number 38, offensive line.  Ironically, I didn’t know the line of scrimmage I was supposed to hold, drew another line in my life.  A line of separation.  Being the only girl on an all boy team created a divide that couldn’t be explained.  The girls treated me differently, because I was now one of the guys.  While I was putting on shoulder pads and cleats, they would be dressing down into shorts and t-shirt for volleyball.  Degrading comments such as “where’s your cup?” often permeated the locker room.  Their cold words had the stench of a skunk, which lingered with me even though the source eventually went out of sight.  To the boys, I was like a sister.  At the start, they hesitantly welcomed me.  In the end, protected me like their own.  I was officially a member of their circle.

This intangible division continued into high school, as the only girl on the golf team freshman and sophomore year.  I felt like there was something different about how I interacted with my peers; a disconnection I couldn’t explain.  I now realize the words and actions of my peers weren’t directed at me personally, rather towards the unique situation.

Looking back, I believe playing football paved a specific path for me.  I’m able to travel with a quiet internal strength and persevere.  The lines of scrimmage are either held strong or broken through.  In this unpredictable game called life, I’ve learned how to play and determine my own victories.