Sunday Quote, 04/11/2021

Sunday Reflection Quote…No matter the capacity, hard work is simply that—hard. If one is working on their career, personal goals, or self improvement on a physical/mental/emotional level, the grind can get stale. There’s the rub. If the mindset is “grind,” then the connotation may lead to a static path of negativity. If the mindset is to “strive,” then the path is dynamic and positive. Due to the pandemic, as a collective, we’ve passed the one year mark of working hard through challenge after challenge after challenge. Fatigue or impatience with oneself or others may be more pronounced. Nonetheless, now is the time to push through and persevere on a micro and macro level. I’m reminded I am a hard worker; hard wired to strive. Those efforts have been fruitful. I’m also reminded I have one life and I have the power to choose how I live it. Here’s to being kind to myself and pushing on with perseverance and striving!

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Sunday Quote, 10/18/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote…The making a living grind has been seriously on like Donkey Kong. The last two weeks have been nothing short of ridiculous. Trying to balance the demands of synchronous in person and distance learning now punctuated by positive COVID cases in class and contact tracing sending numerous students to quarantine has felt unbearable. The sleepless nights, feelings of defeat and ineffectiveness, numerous pivots, and bureaucratic demands is absolutely exhausting. Despite it all, I’m reminded I’ve been through worse and have come out of the darkness stronger. I’m reminded it is okay to not be okay. I’m reminded I can’t be all things to all people. I’m reminded it isn’t all my weight to carry. I’m reminded asserting boundaries is allowed. I’m reminded to speak up. Here’s to making a life; I have just one. Here’s to setting an intention to forge a life of health, happiness, and balance.

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Sunday Quote, 6/7/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote… Now more than ever, we are divided rather than united. Every single facet of life is polarized, debated, and argued. I see the ugliness, hatred, and violence. It is exhausting and disheartening. I’m reminded the power of voice and story helps to understand. I’m reminded I can make a difference in my own space, in my own way. I’m also reminded I have one life and I decide how I choose to live it. Here’s to holding hope for my loved ones. Here’s to holding hope for our country. Here’s to holding hope for the future of humanity.
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Sunday Quote, 4/26/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote…We’re in the muck and it’s a polarizing hot, hot mess. Fear has been promoted to gatekeeper. Empowered with gusto to keep the in in and the out out. At the onset, some were treading water. Now, pulled beneath the surface clawing and scratching to get back up. Others effortlessly skipping across the surface. Now, stopped in tracks scrambling to determine the next move. We all have our challenges, shortcomings, and triggers. We all have our goals, hopes, and dreams. We all have a unique journey. We all are human. I’m reminded my country is founded on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I’m reminded to rebuke the path of passivity and victim mentality. Here’s to repeatedly resetting to maintain my path of health, wellness, and happiness. I decide!
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Sunday Quote, 4/19/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote…And just like that, we’ve been thrust into the simple life. For me, it was 3pm on Friday, March 13th, when it was announced school would be closed until April 14th. My kids just left me 15 minutes prior. I wasn’t able to give a “proper” goodbye. Even though my chin was up, I numbly walked back to the empty classroom in disbelief. The closure was eventually extended until May 1st. Then, for the remainder of the school year. My heart broke for my students, families, and colleagues not once, but thrice. This was punctuated on March 15th when all wineries, restaurants, and life as we knew it closed. We literally went to Lodi on the 14th to hit the regulars and explore some new. A typical Just Us/Our Time Is the Best Time jaunt. Just like that, everything changed. Just like that, cancelled bubbled to the top as the new “C-word.” This includes S.F. Giant games, seeing my parents for Spring Break, a long planned trip to Graceland, and a cruise to Mexico. Just like that, everything continues to change. In the last month my emotions have mirrored grief. That’s what this is. What we, as a collective, have been doing in our own unique way. Last week, I was reminded I have a choice. I can have a pity party, or choose an attitude of gratitude and take it day by day. I intentionally chose the later and it had made a world of difference. I choose to give a nod to emotions; they are valid. I choose to accept what is, as it is. I choose to acknowledge I am enough; doing enough. I choose to lean in. I choose to let go. Here’s to the simple, intentional life! There is richness and value to behold. The destination may be undetermined, but I choose to hold hope we will all see this through. ❤️ #sunday #reflection #quote #simplelife #intentional #simplicity #accept #mindset #perspective #hope #grief #goodenough #letgo #contentment #coronavirus #stayhome #staysafe #staystrong #myownstory #keeponkeepingon


on the table
glow of the screen
socks kicked off
at the ready.

Here I hunker-
there you hunker
the in in
the out out.

Even when-

are still here
gravitating to
the same place
the same space.

In this moment –
I can’t promise
neither can you
nor they.


in this moment
as I belly up
to the table
socks near
my feet

on the table
ink dancing
on the page

It is enough.

In this moment-
I am enough
doing enough
so are you
so are they.

~Daniela Thompson, 4/2020

Sunday Quote, 4/5/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote…Just like that, we’re all getting schooled. Ironically, while we try to flatten the curve, the learning curve is insanely steep. The levels of adversity we’re experiencing as individuals and as a collective spans a continuum. The end points unknown. I’m reminded we all perceive and process adversity differently. Each predicated on prior experiences; each equally valid. Here’s to acknowledging the difficulties, shifting gears, and pressing on.

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The sun rises each morning.
Ready or not
light and rays
stretch out.

A warm blanket of
comforting those ready
to receive.

Hope is there
waiting on the porch
to be welcomed in.

Hope sees opportunity.

Knock, knock!
Are you in there?

Don’t you dare leave me
on the porch-

To be invited in.

The inviting is surrender.

Don’t let fear
be a gatekeeper
Don’t let fear
block the door.

Don’t you see?
Hope is right on the other side.

Choose to open the door.

Let her in.

~Daniela Thompson


Just Bag It

Paper or plastic?  After developing my grocery list for the week, scanning ads for best prices, clipping coupons, and strolling down multiple aisles of the store, really, I don’t care.  Just bag my damn groceries!

Why is it that I must deal with this environmental question while standing in the checkout line?  My days are filled with endless decisions.  The last thing I need when I’m exhausted and eager to get home is a question of controversy and at the market no less.  Not long ago shopping meant one choice and one choice only—paper.  Nice, sturdy bags that held their shape and could endure use after use.  In fact, some stores offered a five-cent credit for each bag you brought to reuse, which the budget minded appreciated.

Then, the little white plastic bag was invented from the environmentally conscious heart.  Along with plastic bags came metal stands to hang them from to load groceries.  The metal stands often had a useful partner—the pink or yellow moistened sponge which fingers would brush to separate the clingy bag in search for the opening.  Plastic bags inundated stores and homes.  They found their way into every nook and cranny.

There was actually a time when plastic was the dominant choice—according to prominent signs posted, “Groceries are bagged in plastic, paper upon request.”  Somehow, going with plastic showed that the shopper was taking the environmental high road, since they were saving trees.  Interestingly enough, a debate has ensued—come to find out plastic bags are harmful to wildlife and aren’t biodegradable.  Oops! Environmentalists were wrong.  Now, some stores have flip-flopped and gone to paper only.

As a result, yet another choice has hit the scene—the canvas-ish reusable bag (probably made out of paper or plastic fibers), which the shopper may purchase for about a buck.  They come in a variety of colors and conveniently provide free advertisement for the store of choice.  Yet another decision and question for the consumer in line! There are now three products being produced, shipped, and stored..  All for the sake of having something to place our groceries, so that they can make the journey home.  

Where does it stop? As a nation, aren’t there other issues to pursue rather than the appropriate receptacle for our groceries?  How much time and effort has been wasted?  Seems like we would have such an everyday occurrence figured out by now—just bag it! ~07/2015

*Now in California, if we don’t provide our own bag, we’ll be charged (Of course there’s three choices!).  A few bags have made it to the trunk, but there they sit.  Last run to the store an additional fifty cents was tacked on.  I’ll conform.  Eventually.   12/2016

**Now straws?! Good grief. 8/26/18

***Who knew?  Full circle is a thing!  Due to COVID-19, some stores are now forbidding reusable bags brought in from home.  Just when I got in the habit carrying in my own; switch-a-roo button is pressed.  Items are now bagged in plastic…for free.  Some stores require you to bag your own; I don’t mind.  Paper bags are still available, upon request. Stay tuned.  05/12/2020

~Daniela Thompson