Sunday Quote, 06/12/2021

Sunday Reflection Quote (Yes, on Tuesday cuz reasons). This is a long one, for me. For me to remember, learn, and grow…

Back in April I registered for the Inaugural Sacramento Valley Women’s Championship as a competitive goal to kick off summer break. I didn’t realize the tournament had an index cap of 9.4, nor did I realize it was a tourney drawing the top women amateurs in the region. I just wanted a golf tournament on my calendar lol.

At the time of registration, my index was a 10.5, so I reached out to the tournament director to share my mistake and to see if I could get a refund. He had the BEST response…Why don’t we wait until June 1st to see if you can get it down in two months? If not, full refund no problem. That lit a fire in me. I worked really hard practicing and playing more difficult courses/tees to see if I could do it. I was able to grind my index down to a 9.0. I had the green light!

Last Wednesday, I played my practice round at Haggin and had a quick wake up call regarding the difficulty of an incredibly long course (combo tips/blue/white) coupled with impeccable lightning fast greens. Due to the length, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get on in regulation (already an area to improve), so I adjusted my game plan with a goal to at least break 90 each day.

Day 1: Last group to tee off at 1:30 and toasty hot. Massive butterflies and deep breaths. Solid drive down the first fairway, solid shots in and lip out par putt=bogey. I was off to a good start until hole 4 when my second shot was a baby fade and barely trickled into the water. Drop=water. Drop and club up=water. Drop and lay up left=safe. Penciled a blasted 10 on a par 5. I was 8 over in the first 4 holes=toast. Reset and bogey hole 6 yada yada 51 on the front. On in reg hole 10 and had a 5 putt; yes five. Triple=absolute nightmare. Reset. Next hole=par. Bogey-Bogey-Par-Triple-Triple-Bogey. Closed the back with a 49 and 100. Shot a century and dead LAST in a field of 50 players. Disbelief, disappointment, shame, and lots of tears on the drive home.

Day 2: New day and new-ish mindset. First group off at 7am, so dew sweepers=course even longer. Good drive 1st hole and bogey. Hole 3…par 3 tee shot draw and had a down hill fried egg in the bunker. Blasted it out, but over the green and into the bushes. Had to take an unplayable with horrible options for a drop and no back swing. Punch, chip, and 3 putt. An 8 on a par 3; now 8 over in first 3 holes=burnt toast. Headed to hole 4, the one I had a 10 on the day before. Good grief. Reset and hit the sh*t out of my drive and parred that sucker!! 💪 Bogey-Bogey-Bogey-Triple (hazard)-Double for a 52. Even worse than the day before with a 101. Dead last spot secured. Seriously? I mean seriously. The tears couldn’t wait and tumbled out on the way to the car.

It’s taking me a bit to work through the waves of emotions—disappointment, defeat, disbelief, shame, and failure. I’m turning the corner realizing my hard work to be able to compete in such a competitive field was a triumph. To reset after insane blow up holes and persevere was a success. To put myself in the arena and have stretch goals is not failure. This experience will make me a better golfer and an even better coach. I know what I need to work on. Never give up, never surrender!

Thank you Memphis for supporting my goals and understanding the late nights practicing/playing to prepare. You being there when I was on the first tee Day 1 and when I came in on 18 on Day 2 meant the world to me. Thank you for the hugs, love, words, whiskey clinks, and Solley nachos. You’re wonderful! ❤️😘

I tried ⛳️💪

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Sunday Quote, 05/31/2021

Sunday Reflection Quote (Yes, on Monday)…We all have our own personal standard for what is a “good job,” which is contrasted with the norms of one’s profession and society. Six years ago I got schooled by life’s sweeping wand of hard knocks. The big lesson learned is work isn’t everything. Shocker! I learned I must take care of myself, so that I can care for others. I learned I can’t be everything for everyone. I learned I can say no, that’s not for me, not now or not ever. I learned I can say yes and pursue my passions. I learned balance fosters focus and wellness. I learned my job isn’t the only factor defining my happiness. I’m reminded life is short and choices are key. I’m reminded it is okay to be a strong woman shaping my joy and contentment to share with others. Here’s to working hard and doing a good job!
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Sunday Quote, 03/22/2021

Sunday Reflection Quote…The life line has pushes and pulls. There’s also moments of stagnation instigated by outside constraints or inside fears. I’m reminded life is for living and I choose the path. Here’s to putting fear on the shelf and leaving regrets in the rear view mirror.

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Sunday Quote, 11/01/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote…The last couple weeks revealed a peaceful thread of simplicity can be woven on the daily. Contentment can be etched by minimizing time zappers, rebuking negative interactions, and clearing the physical/mental clutter. I’m reminded wealth extends beyond the bank account. Despite all the ugliness and absurd push/pull in the world, here’s to staying the course creating a life of simplicity, intentionality, and contentment.

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Sunday Quote, 10/18/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote…The making a living grind has been seriously on like Donkey Kong. The last two weeks have been nothing short of ridiculous. Trying to balance the demands of synchronous in person and distance learning now punctuated by positive COVID cases in class and contact tracing sending numerous students to quarantine has felt unbearable. The sleepless nights, feelings of defeat and ineffectiveness, numerous pivots, and bureaucratic demands is absolutely exhausting. Despite it all, I’m reminded I’ve been through worse and have come out of the darkness stronger. I’m reminded it is okay to not be okay. I’m reminded I can’t be all things to all people. I’m reminded it isn’t all my weight to carry. I’m reminded asserting boundaries is allowed. I’m reminded to speak up. Here’s to making a life; I have just one. Here’s to setting an intention to forge a life of health, happiness, and balance.

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Sunday Quote, 09/13/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote…The last few weeks have been no joke. Trying to navigate teaching in the uncharted shark infested waters of distance learning has turned my “just peachy” cart upside down. I have a tendency to be incredibly hard on myself and the self imposed pressure to perform has reared its gnarly head. The perfectionist trap sits there and waits, like a dense fog enveloped in shame. I’m reminded there’s a difference between excellence and perfection. I’m reminded this is all new and I’m not alone. I’m reminded it’s okay to fail. I’m reminded I am still strong. Here’s to forming new habits and striving for excellence!

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Sunday Quote, 8/16/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote… I’m reminded how powerful the mind is. Whether spurred on by anxiety, fear, self-doubt, determination, confidence, or elation emotions run the gamut. I’m also reminded I can be intentional regarding my mindset responding to emotions. I can take space. I can be assertive. I can be intentional. I can ask for help. I can clarify. I can fail. I can try again. I can succeed. I can change. I can learn. I can grow. Operative phrase “I can.” We only have one life. Here’s to being choosy; choosy what I give my power to.
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Sunday Quote, 6/14/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote…Since March 13th, the word “flexibility” has been stamped in bold, block letters across my forehead. Whether personal or professional, the changes have rapidly rolled across my path at an hourly, daily, or weekly rate. My anxious belly and early morning overthinking ceiling staring brain have become front runners. There’s an uninvited new normal. I am tired, overwhelmed, and disheartened. Nonetheless, this week I was reminded goals are essential. Even in the midst of turmoil and heartache, my personal path is of value. I don’t have to explain away. I don’t have to back up the back up. I can just be. I can grind and do my thing. It is good enough. Why? Because I am stubborn, yet flexible. Because I carry with me my family legacy of “Don’t tell me, I’m the teller.” There is balance in loose and tight. There is value in go slow to go fast. Here’s to my personal and professional goals. Here’s to my predefined methods; they are good enough. As am I.
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Sunday Quote, 4/19/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote…And just like that, we’ve been thrust into the simple life. For me, it was 3pm on Friday, March 13th, when it was announced school would be closed until April 14th. My kids just left me 15 minutes prior. I wasn’t able to give a “proper” goodbye. Even though my chin was up, I numbly walked back to the empty classroom in disbelief. The closure was eventually extended until May 1st. Then, for the remainder of the school year. My heart broke for my students, families, and colleagues not once, but thrice. This was punctuated on March 15th when all wineries, restaurants, and life as we knew it closed. We literally went to Lodi on the 14th to hit the regulars and explore some new. A typical Just Us/Our Time Is the Best Time jaunt. Just like that, everything changed. Just like that, cancelled bubbled to the top as the new “C-word.” This includes S.F. Giant games, seeing my parents for Spring Break, a long planned trip to Graceland, and a cruise to Mexico. Just like that, everything continues to change. In the last month my emotions have mirrored grief. That’s what this is. What we, as a collective, have been doing in our own unique way. Last week, I was reminded I have a choice. I can have a pity party, or choose an attitude of gratitude and take it day by day. I intentionally chose the later and it had made a world of difference. I choose to give a nod to emotions; they are valid. I choose to accept what is, as it is. I choose to acknowledge I am enough; doing enough. I choose to lean in. I choose to let go. Here’s to the simple, intentional life! There is richness and value to behold. The destination may be undetermined, but I choose to hold hope we will all see this through. ❤️ #sunday #reflection #quote #simplelife #intentional #simplicity #accept #mindset #perspective #hope #grief #goodenough #letgo #contentment #coronavirus #stayhome #staysafe #staystrong #myownstory #keeponkeepingon

Sunday Quote, 4/5/2020

Sunday Reflection Quote…Just like that, we’re all getting schooled. Ironically, while we try to flatten the curve, the learning curve is insanely steep. The levels of adversity we’re experiencing as individuals and as a collective spans a continuum. The end points unknown. I’m reminded we all perceive and process adversity differently. Each predicated on prior experiences; each equally valid. Here’s to acknowledging the difficulties, shifting gears, and pressing on.

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