Image Is Everything

In poker, each player has a table image.  Some based on how one plays such as tight-aggressive or loose-passive, while others are established by personality or physical appearance.  Perhaps the perfect formula is a combination of all three.  As a relative newbie to the game and a female at that, I’m constantly in the mode of analyzing my competition.  At the same time, I’m becoming more and more aware of my own actions and appearance.  This reflection has evolved into a guiding force for decisions made at the table and how I react to random distractions or intentional antics.          

Take for example, a night I played 3/6 limit at the Grand Sierra.  An elderly man joined the table at about 12:30am and occupied seat three.  In a gentlemanly way, he gave a nod to the players at the table along with a “good evening.”  With the nod, we observers couldn’t help but notice the stark white cap with brown bubble lettering perched atop his head that read, “If there’s TITS or TIRES, There’ll be Problems.”  Now, that’s quite the bold hat to wear at the table!  The oddity was the image of the hat contrasting with the conservative looking man – western style button up shirt, tightly groomed wax-tipped curled mustache, and quiet demeanor.  There were a few quick comments– “Takes some balls to wear a hat like that!” and “Where did you find such a hat?”  The man’s response, “What’s the big deal?  It’s just a hat.”  Indeed.  Read More »

Just Bag It

Paper or plastic?  After developing my grocery list for the week, scanning ads for best prices, clipping coupons, and strolling down multiple aisles of the store, really, I don’t care; just bag my damn groceries!

Why is it that I must deal with this environmental question while standing in the checkout line?  My days are filled with endless decisions.  The last thing I need when I’m exhausted and eager to get home is a question of controversy and at the market no less.  Not long ago shopping meant one choice and one choice only—paper.  Nice, sturdy bags that held their shape and could endure use after use.  In fact, some stores offered a five-cent credit for each bag you brought to reuse, which the budget minded appreciated.Read More »