Sunday Quote, 08/14/16


Sunday Reflection Quote…Memories old and new, thought provoking conversations, stretch experiences, and personal challenges have rounded out the last two weeks of summer break. As I’ve listened and observed, the beauty in others has been revealed. Thus, a realization has been confirmed…Rather than seeking acceptance and approval, I just need to be me, as I am and wish to seem. We all have our nuances and idiosyncrasies. For that, I am thankful.

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Sunday Reflection Quote, 9/27/15


Sunday reflection quote…Although I’m proud with my progress regarding my career change, health/weight loss, golf, and poker (though not lately) I’m not quite where I want nor can be.  Sometimes I think I’m a saboteur either fearful of success or thinking I’m not worthy. This is such wacko-bazingo bullshit thinking!!

It’s time to ratchet it up a notch and get out of my own way with self-discipline:
1) Hit the gym BEFORE work, no matter how much I hate getting my ass out of bed. It’ll energize me for the day, ramp up my metabolism for my last few pounds, and free up time for golf in the evening.
2) My short game sucks and always has. Practice short game BEFORE the range. Get out and play more. Being a “range pro” doesn’t yield results.
3) Only play poker when I’m present and focused. Study raise/shove charts and quit playing like a chicken shit girl.

Game on for realz yo!

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Sunday Reflection Quote, 8/9/2015

SMRQ Aug 9

Sunday reflection quote…This past week I feel like things are really falling into place. I’m not talking about materialistic nor monetary; rather, of my mind, heart, and spirit.

I’ve been intentionally working on my mindset and how I’m approaching my life as it relates to opportunities, experiences, or relationships.

In essence, this has resulted in two things:
1) Letting go. I hold on so incredibly tight to expectations, assumptions, and performance that I wind up in quasi paralysis for fear of failure or disappointing others. The ability to let go of all that mental shit is liberating; the release of an unbearable weight.

2) Being open. My mind and heart has been somewhat closed and hardened due to insecurities coupled with previous hurts. However, being open to accept positives, attention, and new experiences, even if short lived, is a gift.

I am choosing to take away what makes me smile, laugh, warms my heart, and lingers on the palate of my mind. This is my mindset; my story.

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Get Ready to Get Ready


A habit of mind revealed itself during a moment of hectic frustration—when I was getting ready.  It seems like I am continuously in the mode of preparing for one thing or another either physically or mentally.  This could be in preparation for an event, meeting, or outing in order to establish my image; at least one that is a desired projection.  

I’ve realized that my behavior creates more work or unnecessary stress.  For example, I had an appointment to get my hair cut, so I went through all, and I mean ALL of the steps to arrange my hair just so.  I thoroughly shampooed, conditioned, blow dried, straightened, and styled all of the strands upon my head.  Moments later, all of that labor was completely demolished in the shampoo bowl at the salon as remnants of my scrupulous style swirled down the drain.

Why do I choose to put myself through such agony?  Perhaps it is a cautionary or preventative step to subliminally communicate to my stylist, “This is how my hair looks, so you best not waiver from it!”  I’ve had horrendous hair cuts in the past, which resulted in tears and return visits to the salon for correction.  Am I taking steps too far?  Does a stylist even care if their client’s hair is clean before they start to snip, snip?

The same holds true for my car, especially when taken in for service.  I make sure that it’s nice and clean inside and out—a message that I’m responsible and have expectations; don’t botch the job!  I didn’t bring in a junker, so don’t turn it in to one.  Again, this is based on previous negative experiences where one simple visit for service turned in to taking up residency in the waiting area as the new problems were diagnosed.  

Am I the only one that goes through such laborious pains to get ready?  I do the same for the dentist, doctor, nail technician, and hotel room attendant.  What is this all really about?  Am I trying to save face, is it misdirected protection of some kind of expectations, or some mumbo-jumbo mind game I’ve concocted?  Part of me doesn’t want to create more work; it’s like I want to make their job easier, even though I’m paying for the service. 

How I’m perceived by others has become a quiet undercurrent for intentional behavior.  In the end, does anyone even notice, let alone care?  Seems like I’m always getting ready to get ready.  What a waste of time!  Time to continue working on letting the insecurity go and display confidence in myself.  I am good enough. I am worthy, just as I am.

~D. Thompson        


Rolling By 2 WP

Anxiety steals away the night-

becoming a wrestler of

covers, which thrash to and fro.

Dreams are-



Guessing games and outcomes

heighten—a continuous climb

into a purposeless destination;

juxtaposing reality and desire–

knowing that control

lingers in the hands of another.

Momentarily frozen in power;

numbness succumbs to the


Perhaps there is a way out-

questioning options; possibilities;

resurrection of the true self,

stagnation no more!

Trust yourself and be

unrelenting–with a powerful



x-honorating, and

yielding to confidence

zealous throughout.

~D. Thompson: 3/2009; Rev. 7/2015

*This is an “ABC Poem,” in which each letter of the alphabet is used for the first word of each line.  Fun and challenging; yet doesn’t always yield natural results.


Shoes2 WP
By LaLaPalooza

Back in my moccasin and penny loafer days in high school, my best friend asked if I ever wore sneakers.  She said this with a hint of judgment meaning “Don’t you ever dress down?”  I didn’t, unless I had a specific purpose such as playing a sport, or wearing grubby ones for yard work or camping.  

However, there was a short stint during middle school where wore sneakers on a regular basis.  They were a navy blue pair of high top Converse, which was a big to-do for my family to purchase.  Mom wanted to know why a girl would want such “ugly boy shoes.”  Dad was concerned about the quality of canvas and the price tag attached.  After much cajoling, the box made it home.  I wore my Cons almost daily with pride.  Those shoes were a snapshot capturing a moment when I finally got my way and satisfied a longing for “Cool.”  For once I was wearing something name brand and I felt in sync with the style of the time.  The Cons made it about three years through the wear and tear of a teenager.  By the time they were reluctantly placed into the garbage, there were small holes, random doodle designs, and crossed out names of crushes dancing along the sole.  

A pair of indoor soccer shoes used for just one season from several years ago still occupy the farthest corner of my closet.   I can’t seem to part with them.  They represent a time when I played games at 10:00 at night, sweated profusely, and felt that athletic high.  I had war stories to share the next day of jammed toes and ripped fingernails from being slammed into the Plexiglas wall and bruises worn with pride.  They reflect a time of aggression, release, and belonging to an unlikely team of all female elementary teachers.

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Inhale, Exhale

Insecurity is

psychological cancer.

He starts small,

then begins to fester

eventually contaminating essential emotions.

Insecurity hides

beneath layers of armor:

keeping the in, in

and the out, out.

He’s a reinforced wall,

doesn’t protect or contain.

Insecurity sings the blues in solitude—

he slowly develops

deep down within the soul;

telling a different story

with each change of venue.

Insecurity speaks in monotone—

same words

silently drone on and on.

Insecurity is

an invisible prison of mind

hoping to resurrect

the true, original self.

He inhales,

inhales a toxin of particles,

eventually poisoning the whole.

Contentment is

simplicity at the core.

She’s a ladybug

strolling through dewy blades of grass.

Contentment sings a lullaby—

carried on a breeze,

she calms the tense

rejuvenating the fatigued.

She’s an ancient artifact sought by all,

fiercely protected once found.

Contentment eludes many;

embraces a lucky few.

Contentment is

the ultimate destination,

but may not be recognized

upon arrival.

She doesn’t announce her presence.

Rather, Contentment

slowly reveals herself over time;

a freckle that magically appears.

Contentment is the utopia of being,

sitting on a pedestal

for only the willing to see.

She exhales,

exhales a purity of freshness 

cleansing the soul.



Daniela Thompson: 4/2015; 7/2015