Sunday Quote, 11/19/17

Sunday Reflection Quote…I’ve always had a sweet palate and choose not to marinate in bitterness. There have been painful growth spurts sprinkled over the last few years; however, an intentional mindset of gratitude and grit has made the difference. Thankful, indeed.

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Traditional Traditions

When holiday season rears its head, it feels like an annoying splinter I can’t seem to wriggle free.  The actual holiday itself isn’t the issue, but rather my expectations or perception of how the time should be spent.

Since I am an only child, don’t have children, and come from a small family, the stressful cooking and shopping serpent doesn’t loom overhead.  I feel like I’m dust slowly gathering on the outside of a fishbowl—everyone else is frantically swimming around gift buying, dessert baking, and holiday decorating, but I’m stationary—on the outside, hoping to be wiped free.

All of those actions haven’t made it to my to-do list or calendar and I don’t foresee it happening in the near future.  Does that mean I somehow feel left out?  Yes and no.  In some respects, I’m relieved I don’t have the same stress or anxiety as others.  However, there’s a part of me that wants the traditional traditions—baking, cooking, tree, and family; real family.  Maybe a smidgen of Martha Stewartism could sprinkle my way and magically put me back in sync with everyone else.

As an adult who has moved away from my hometown and state, an unconscious question reveals itself, “What are you running from or running to?”  Due to circumstances, I haven’t had the chance to establish my own traditions, so there is a feeling of longing and insecurity.  For example, saying I was in Las Vegas for a Thanksgiving a few years back makes me feel slightly abnormal, as if announcing that I’m so thankful, I spent my time in Sin City!

Being packed in like sardines at a stretched piecemeal table, bumping elbows, and frantically passing food about while trying to partake in simultaneous conversations isn’t my idea of an ideal holiday.  Instead, going to a restaurant for a juicy steak rather than a dried out turkey and intimate conversation, is more my speed.  Or is it?  That Thanksgiving in Vegas, I was comforted to see there wasn’t an empty table in sight at the steak house and families were congregating at the door to be seated.  Apparently, the practice of eating out for a holiday is actually a tradition in itself, but I wasn’t aware, since I’d never done it before.

Last year was the holiday season from hell.  Just a two weeks before Thanksgiving my heart and life as I knew it was gutted.  I was in a massive state of shock, depression, and despair.  I was a walking empty shell of exhausted numbness.  At the last minute, I flew home to my parent’s house in Olympia for Thanksgiving.  I cried on the flight there, cried the bulk of Thanksgiving Day, and cried on the flight home.  My family hasn’t experienced much turbulence, so the silence and sideways glances just punctuated, rather than comforted the pain.  Although they meant well and I was “back home,” I felt like I was wearing a massive Scarlet Letter with a capital “L” stamped across my forehead.  Loser.  

I’m relieved and proud to say what a difference a year makes!  My mental and emotional state has improved leaps and bounds.  I’ve never worked so hard on my own well being as I have in the last year.  At times it has been absolutely exhausting.  There are still rough days, sleepless nights, and tears, but it’s short lived.  The positives are prominent, my smile genuine, and my eyes bright for my future.  

This Saturday I fly south to Indio to spend Thanksgiving week with my parents.  We’re going golfing, wine tasting, and out to a nice dinner Thanksgiving Day.  Since I’ve never been there, I plan to do some exploring on my own.  BUT, there’s still a piece of me that has a longing for traditional traditions.  A yearning for my own family unit; to feel like I am not just the “plus one” at the table.   

James Agee said, “You must be in tune with the times and prepared to break with tradition.”  In some instances, this may be true.  For me, tradition binds everything together; the backbone of family.  We’ve become so in tune with the times, we’ve lost sight of the past due to constantly looking ahead.  Thus, traditions have become diluted, unable to keep up with the continuous onslaught of change.  

My heart remains hopeful that someday I will have traditional traditions.  Until then, I give myself permission to accept what is as it is.  And dammit, I will continue to persevere.  I will continue to get out of bed each day, smile, hold my head high, and pursue my dreams.  The letter I now wear is “S” for Strength.

~Daniela Thompson, 11/16/15; 11/12/17

Wine Lines, 08/14/16

I record lines said while out wine tasting.  These can be from friends, winery employees, me, or conversations I ear hustle.  As the day goes on, conversations can get rather saucy.  Lots of innuendo, double entendre, and shenanigans. Hope there are some chuckles; consider yourself warned…

August 13, 2016 @ Macchia

  • The best decision is a wine decision

March 5, 2016 @ Macchia

  • Let’s fill the hole; Mischievous please
  • That’s juicy

February 20, 2016 @ BR Cohn, Kunde, and Girard:

  • Wine, food, and friends I’m soooo ready!
  • As the youngest, I’m use to the hump
  • He was pissed on?  No, they were pissed.  He was shit on though.
  • Myriad?  Really, you’re throwing that down this early in the morning?
  • Oaky and buttery just the way I like it
  • Smart Ass Saturday, what can I say?
  • Guess all you have to do is make a crack about paprika
  • Once you’ve go red, your inhibitions you’ll shed
  • I like em over 100 yrs old
  • What’s the best advice you can give a girl getting married?  Don’t.
  • Wine will help with marriage, it’s a great lubricant
  • He somehow got nervous and had a big ass shit in the middle of the cubicles
  • The gouda with the gouda is amazing
  • Gouda down
  • Gouda, gouda, honey, prosciutto is the way to go
  • Does a cave a tunnel make?
  • I never got basil til I moved away from home
  • Thank god you don’t have a nut allergy
  • Fake man buns shouldn’t exist, but they do
  • Denim shorts still exist?  Umm hmm, check it out x2
  • He looks like a freeze dried Hulk
  • She’s ditching her husband for the Shake Weight
  • Last time I left cheese in my thingy
  • I’m covered, but I’m not Coverdale Page
  • Umm, who are you?  I’m AT&T.  Oh, well, I’m Verizon.
  • I judge wine by how it starts.  So foreplay is important to you?
  • Omg Wolverine is at the bar!
  • It was like dirty sock-a-way
  • I need a vent on my face.  I feel wine warmth.
  • I feel like I have purple lips, purple lips, and purple teeth
  • I see lots of red and it is not wine
  • “Perfect” One Direction, is my theme song
  • That’s the best line “does your mouth remember the taste of my love” Ed Sheeran

Me and Wine BarrelsOak Farm








October 17, 2015 @ Macchia, D’Art, and Oak Farm Vineyards:

  • I have a buckle up my butt
  • No!  I don’t know what a Yeti 110 is
  • You’ll see a whole new level of fury if you…
  • I have a summer and a winter pair of windshield wipers.  WTF, of course you do!
  • I’ll be licking that off later
  • Pour some brownie on me
  • I should’ve brought it to bring it
  • Everything’s better with sea salt
  • That’s a party in your mouth, but that one’s a high school dance
  • I you was a bag of chips, you’d be a bag of Frito’s or pork rinds
  • Omg, this thingy has a knob!
  • If I have to repeat this tomorrow, I’m going to bed now
  • When a dog is looking in your eyes, it’s giving you an endorphine bath
  • Riddle me this
  • I have a bush and I know how to use it
  • I have a knob in back, can you turn it on?
  • Oh sheep!
  • That’s naked pool party wine
  • You had us at naked
  • Oh no, he’s a pervert, he’d probably join you
  • It’s like the Beatles walking picture.  Umm, yeah, Abby Road.  No, the Beatles walking picture.  Abby Road.
  • Take the topper off and let me have more
  • You bread blocker!
  • Do they have a slurred smile?
  • I didn’t even get to touch the remote until 2009
  • If I was Gene Simmons, I’d get so much out of this glass
  • It’s not a walk of shame, it’s a stroll of success!
  • That’s not my cheese
  • Shove that on your pie hole
  • I did the pre, but not the thee
  • They have room to have huge whatever
  • Look, I’m a cone head!  That’s so in right now
  • That’s worth a magazine circle


  • I’d rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.
  • You know you drank too much wine when you’re teeth are purple.
  • When I die, I want to wake up in Rhone.
  • That’s missing another world (Chardonnay w/out oak)
  • What is it?  It’s a Chardonnay fortified with Everclear (Chardono).  It’s a mind eraser.  Do I want to go there? Yes.
  • Well, it’s a romance language (Italian)
  • Port tastes like liquid candy.  That’d be a good porn name.
  • I just got a cool breeze where I shouldn’t.
  • If he wants you to make tortillas in the morning, then we have a problem.
  • What are you doing? Get your hand off my button!!
  • Remember what you had in your mouth.
  • Go wash your Smurf hand.
  • After 6 beers you’re full.
  • That’s moanable!
  • Look at that crack pipe on that bottle of wine!  I wish I had my cigar lighter.
  • Do you need sunscreen because that was so tannini?  My knees don’t tan.
  • My falsies almost flew out!
  • We have lays in the car, do you want one?
  • Don’t go sticking your nose in the backside, unless you’re a member.
  • Better than wicker.
  • Ed vs head
  • I felt them to see if they were real.
  • Quick, make it go up!  (window)
  • You can take the boy out of the country, but not the country out of the boy.
  • Alejandro would be Lady Gaga; Fernando would be Allah
  • That’s the first snort of the day.
  • Are you from Texas?  No.  Aren’t you wearing a cowboy hat? Umm, no, it’s a fedora.
  • Pinky vs. Piggy Toe
  • Would you just push out and be done with it. (door)
  • Would you trim before you crop that shit? (pic for IG)

This list is as of August 13, 2016.  I’ll update periodically and repost.

Sunday Quote, 08/14/16


Sunday Reflection Quote…Memories old and new, thought provoking conversations, stretch experiences, and personal challenges have rounded out the last two weeks of summer break. As I’ve listened and observed, the beauty in others has been revealed. Thus, a realization has been confirmed…Rather than seeking acceptance and approval, I just need to be me, as I am and wish to seem. We all have our nuances and idiosyncrasies. For that, I am thankful.

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Sunday Quote, 7/31/16

Sunday Reflection Quote…”Good” lives on a continuum and slides to the preference of the beholder. For me, I’ve been intentional about my “practice” related to many areas…golf, poker, communication, patience, gratitude, acceptance, and forgiveness. Whether physical, mental, or emotional I can see the “good” i.e. improvement in my progress. The act of choosing to “practice” certainly propels along the continuum of “good.” Not there yet, but a hell of a lot closer!

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Sunday Quote, 7/24/16

Sunday Reflection Quote (yes on Monday)…I went back “home” last week to visit my parents. The thread revealed across the week was nostalgia. I’m incredibly grateful for my “start” in Olympia…my parents, family, education, golf, and experiences. The foundation for who I am today.  At the same time and honestly for the first time in 13yrs, flying back to CA I truly felt like I was going home. On a variety of levels, it’s been a different type of start here and as of late a huge restart. For once I know right here right now, I am home.

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Sunday Quote, 07/10/16


Sunday Reflection Quote…This week has been very rich with connections, thought provoking conversations, and reflective insights. I continue to learn self perspective can either be weakening or empowering. Thus, I’m aware I need to continue to rewrite the tape playing in my head. Don’t like the track? Change it!

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Sunday Quote, 06/19/16


Sunday Reflection Quote…Old habits sure die hard. For me I tend to fall into the paralysis by analysis trap. I’m on the precipice, teetering and ready to step; then freeze. That inner critic creeps in…conditions aren’t right, you don’t have what it takes, what if…etc. Such a bunch of mental bullshit!! Even if I’m not prepared, even if I think I’ll fall flat on my face, the result is often waaaay more positive than assumed. Notice, assumed. Why? The wings are already there, even if I don’t see them. Even if I have a bazillion nuggets of doubt, I simply must jump. Jump anyway, dammit!

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Sunday Quote, 04/17/16


Sunday Reflection Quote…Life is sweetened by risk and paralyzed by fear. There are a few stretch experiences and goals around the corner, which has placed me in an anxious spot. Although part of me is second guessing, I’m choosing to get out of my own way, power through, and just do. It’s the doing that yields value; not is just that, nothing.

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Sunday Quote, 04/10/16


  • Sunday Reflection Quote…Thankfully “being at peace” continues. I’m realizing getting out of my own way has set me free. Conquering my fears, taking reasonable chances (golf/poker/teaching/social endeavors), communicating clearly, setting boundaries, and choosing how I spend my time has been a quiet victory.

    I do the best I can with the time I have, give myself permission to just be/not always needing to be productive, forgive myself and reset when I fall short, and continue to work towards personal goals. I am good enough as I am, how I am; life is good; I am grateful.
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